Happy Birthday Lainey! -Pink and Green Dot Party

This past week Lainey turned 1!! We decided that it would be fun to plan a themed party so we chose pink and green polka dots.

We started off by making this awesome topiary…

We got the idea from this blog-


We changed it up a little and instead of wrapping the ribbon around the dowel, we tied it into a bow at the base of the ball. Also, instead of using curling ribbon on the base of the topiary, we glued little bunched up pieces of tissue paper to the base as you can see below.

We made a little “display table” with some pictures and a tissue paper number one. It turned out really cute…

Table decorating is one of my favorite parts of party planning. Here’s the finished product…

Here are all the different things that we put on the table…

You can’t have a pink/ green themed party without the raspberry lemonade!!

The cupcakes turned out really cute. Although, I wouldn’t recommend using such a bright color of pink. It tastes more like food coloring than fondant, and food coloring has a pretty bad aftertaste. No one ate the fondant. 🙂

Lainey had her own cupcake too. Here was her first reaction…

Then she picked it up…

And stuffed it into her mouth. By the time she was finished with it, the cupcake looked like this…

So that was Lainey’s party. Feel free to ask me any me questions about the party by typing them into the comment box. 🙂

Happy birthday Lainey!! You are such a blessing to us and we love you!!!


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5 responses to “Happy Birthday Lainey! -Pink and Green Dot Party

  1. Darrel Shaver

    Looks like a great party. I know Lainey really enjoyed it.

  2. Hannah G.

    That’s SO creative :O :P….everything was so cute!!! Love you guys! 🙂

  3. marilyn Sutton

    What a lovely lovely party, and your photos are the best. lovely

    My computer takes forever to load the photos, does anyone else have that problem or only me with a slow internet. Love you all

    • marilyn Sutton

      Know they all popped up, maybe it just takes awhile to load them. Thanks so beautiful and creative. A real neat tea for a first birthday

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